The Data Imperative Game

An experiential learning approach to digital strategy

In this game, the player has been hired as a strategy consultant for Velo, a chain of twenty bicycle shops. Their job is to help transform the company into a digital enterprise.

You and your students can access the game at

Learning objectives for the simulation

The simulation can be used to cover a number of basic topics on digital strategy and digital transformation courses:

  • Familiarize the students with the basic building blocks of digitalized business processes
  • Exemplify the interconnected nature of digital investments
  • Help students understand how the frequency and impact of prescriptions determines the relative benefits of digitalization across internal processes
  • Illustrate common digital investments in the retail context

Incorporating the simulation on a course

The simulation takes around 30 minutes to play through. It can be played either individually or in pairs, and either during the class or before it. After that I suggest reserving 45 minutes for debriefing in classroom.

Please see the teaching note powerpoint for detailed tips and debriefing slide to use on your class!

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